From Farm to the Fork

Montiel is a gastronomic space committed to the environment and responsible consumption.

We decide for natural products, handcrafted by small producers in the region and in a sustainable way, because we respect our environment and its preservation and prioritize quality and freshness.

Our actions have a direct impact on our planet. So why not take care of him?

We are concerned life of the people who work our land on the basis of respect and ethics. This is why our raw materials come from sources of proximity, which is called km 0. In addition they are organic, biodynamic or natural, seasonal and selecting the products of highest quality.

A dish is a play that speaks for itself. That’s why we take care of every little detail of its presentation. This is our way of showing our friends how much we care about each of the elements that compose every plate from our menus.

We know that quality is possible thanks to the daily work of many people who love our land and defend their products from good doing and commitment to future generations.

We invite you to be part of this movement enjoying the result of this work and making your visit a unique and unforgettable time.

Bon profit!


“This gastronomic restaurant in the Bohemian Born, surprised by the creativity of their tasting menus, always with very neat presentations and the possibility of wine pairing.”

Guía Michelin 2017

“Needless to say, I highly recommend Montiel, and I really look forward to going back to sample their à la carte menu.”

Sam Zucker - Barcelona Metropolitan

“Montiel’s kitchen has a good base, balanced, looking for a way to differentiate itself and new textures to present the most classic dishes and surprise the diner and, in fact they do.”

Baco y Boca